Biz Casual

A versatile fit that can be worn from your business to the bars.

  • If I Could Fly Button-Down

    If I Could Fly Button-Down

    100% cotton, slim fit, patterned lining.

  • SALE Knotty Skinny Tie

    Knotty Skinny Tie

    Made by hand in Denver, CO. Custom printed on polyester twill.

  • SALE Bullet Tie Clip

    Bullet Tie Clip

    Repurposed .45 auto bullet casing. Gold-tone clip.

  • Domenicus Leather Belt

    Domenicus Leather Belt

    Full grain Leather, Polyurethane and brass.

  • SALE P55 Stretch Chinos

    P55 Stretch Chinos

    98% Cotton / 2% Spandex, slim fit, machine washable.

  • SALE Strayhorn Leather in Black

    Strayhorn Leather in Black

    Leather upper with waxed cotton laces, consider a half-size up.