Techstars + Target: Week 3

2/3rds Through the Madness!

Before I get into that, lemme address the photo above. It's actually a terrarium I built from a kit created by another startup in the program called MakersKit. They are a sweet DIY company that donates 1% of all their sales for art education in public schools. They are also great at improv.

Ok, back to the madness....

Having done this for 2 weeks now, we're getting it down. I almost wish we could have had this much practice going in... but, I flat out wouldn't want to do this again. It seems like people either love us or hate us right now. Well, hate is a strong word... but so are some of the words people use to describe me. =)

So many good ideas!

You're be surprised how many good ideas you can get in 20 minutes. We are probably going to implement some of them pretty soon. For example; after someone leaves, we'll send them a link to share with their friends. Any friend who books using the link will get $5 off and any friend who sends the link will as well. How sweet is that?


The workshops are awesome too. They cover everything from "how to get stuff done" to coming up with your "revenue equation." The coolest part of the workshops is that you can meet the instructors after and keep working with them. Well, that and the topics are actually relevant.

We've picked some mentors.

We are supposed to pick up with 5-10 mentors. It can't be just any mentors. It was to be ones that chose us first. So far, out of the ~100 mentors we've met, we've got about 20 interested. Yesterday (Friday), we chose 5. We could have chosen more, but wanted to wait until after next week to see who we meet.

That's it for now....

There are so many things to we're learning already (and we have only been meeting mentors, not being mentored by them =). I can't wait to see where we are in the next 12 weeks.

Oh, and this Wednesday we are hosting the Refresh Denver meetup and then Saturday is our TEDxAdventure so it should be an action packed week!

Detour to TEDxAdveture.

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