TEDxAdventure: The Workshop

Help Build the Future of Retail. That was the hook. But, like all good stories, we have to start with the conflict. ...

Techstars + Target: Week 3

2/3rds Through the Madness! Before I get into that, lemme address the photo above. It's actually a terrarium I built...

Techstars + Target: Week 2

The Madness Continues. Mentor Madness that is. Seriously though, it's madness. Meeting up to 11 people a day in 20...

Booking an appointment using Facebook Messenger

Making UI's (user interfaces) is tough. It's tough because it's really the most important part of your B2C (business...

Spruce speaks at IoT Conference

Jump to 33 minutes to get to the good stuff!

IoT is already in retail and thriving!

Me talking about how we built our sign to the Denver/Boulder IoT Meetup group. It started 3 years ago Things weren't...

How many people walk by the shop every day? An exercise in computer vision.

How busy is our street? How does the saying go? Oh yeah, "Location, location, location." It comes as no surprise t...

How we use Slack to enhance client experience at our brick-and-mortar business

Have you ever wondered how we are able to welcome you by name when you walk into the shop? Isn't it incredible how th...

Building an SMS receptionist with the help of Twilio and a Finite State Machine

Every time you book an appointment with us you receive a text confirmation. Also, we send out a text reminder an hou...
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