Shoe Display 2.0

If you haven't seen, our shoe display sends me a text message every time someone requests a pair of shoes.

Here is it in context:
Here it is close up:

Sending an SMS every time someone requests a pair of sounds like a good solution. But, because it requires someone to login and set the phone number, I am the only one who ever gets messaged. It's way too annoying to log in and set it up each morning. We could designate someone each day to be in charge updating the number in the system. But, still... very annoying.

Or, better yet, we could build it into our teammate center. I could put a button on their dashboard to allow them to designate themselves as master of the shoes. But, I bet we'd probably forget to do that too.

I know, we'll ask Hemstreet to come up with a simple proposal for a tiny wearable device (MVP) that the person in charge of shoes can wear. 

Here is a picture of the progress for the prototype Hemstreet is building. Ignore the part marked "No" - it is not being used, it's just stuck to the breadboard.

We'll actually have an OLED screen so we can send full messages to the wearer. The board is a Spark Core with a battery charge controllerbattery and vibrating motor.

By linking this to our appointment system (just like we did our sign), we can trigger a small vibrating motor to alert the wearer a request has been made. Exactly how your cell phone vibrates now. Then, when you look at the screen, we'll output the SKU of the shoe, the color, and the size. 

For now, the case will be 3D printed. In future versions, we'd like to work with some experience designers to get something more visually stimulating designed. 

If you are or know an industrial designer with interest in wearables, please reach out to me. Also, if you have any other ideas for cool projects we can implement at the shop, reach out!
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