Introducing The Dating Profile Makeover

What's up #SpruceFam, my name's Terry and taking better care of myself, both inside and out, has become more important to me in these last couple of years.

"Terry rolled up to Spruce in what seemed like his craftsman attire, hair untamed, work shoes and coffee in hand." - Kyle (Photographer)

One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is the Ultimate from Spruce. A full on, old school hot towel shave, shampoo, hair cut, and style. However, on this visit I was going to add a few more services included in their new Dating Profile Makeover - a Style Consultation and a Professional Headshot. Here’s the best part, I can do all of this in one visit under one roof! Let me repeat that, I can do all of these things under one roof in one visit. Shave, haircut, headshot, dating profile, and style consultation. One visit! How cool is that? I have to be honest here, I love how I look and feel when I’m properly styled, the problem is that I don’t particularly like shopping for clothes.

Let’s start with the barbershop first. I have been getting straight razor shaves for the last two years on a regular basis and I love how I feel afterwards. Every. Time. On this last visit, Olivia was my barber. She went through the notes from my previous cuts to see when the last one was, what had been done, and what quirks my hair is known for. Cowlicks anyone? We talked through what I wanted for my haircut, which was to clean up the lines and give me a balanced look. My hair sometimes seems to have a mind of its own and grows at random rates. Once the cutting is done then it’s time for my favorite part, the shampoo and conditioner. For me, it’s really just a really awesome scalp massage that never seems to last long enough.

"My goal was to give him a cut and style that works well with his face shape and also is a simple easy-to-manage style. I gave him a square-shaped haircut to compliment his round face, finishing it off with some Tea Tree Shaping Cream. I cleaned up his beard and made the lines sharper on the neck and cheeks with a straight edge shave. Finally, I finished it off with some beard balm." - Olivia (barber)

Now it’s time for the shave. Once we’ve discussed what I want, clean up the lines and trim my beard, it begins. The first hot towel is applied, it’s so warm and soothing it really helps me relax. From there on I just sort bliss out and let her practice her craft. After I’m done in her chair it feels like I’m walking on clouds. I sometimes don’t have the words to describe how amazing I feel afterwards. Although I can honestly say there is a little bit of melancholy when I have to go back and shave myself.

And now for something completely different. . . A style consultation with Zach! I’d like to think I do a pretty good job of styling myself and yet I was also curious to see what advice Zach has to offer.

I prepared myself in two ways: The first was to have an open mind and have fun with it. The second was to bring in some of my favorite pieces. Just because I liked a particular piece doesn’t always mean it’s right for me.

"When Terry came in for his Dating Profile update, I knew we had to incorporate some of his current clothing so we can really show people who he truly is. From there we added some products that I knew would help modernize things up a bit." - Zach (stylist)

It was a whole lot of fun! Zach walked me through the whole process of assembling pieces to that go together, talked about what works best for my body type, and we discussed some of the staples that every man should have in his wardrobe. Zach was also instructive in helping me to expand my idea of what works and what doesn’t.

"With the first outfit we took his maroon Chuck Taylors and the first thing that came to mind was the Brixton Basic Henley in Brick which matches his Chucks perfectly. We threw the Mazzini blazer on top and a pair of Original Penguin P-55 Chinos to give him a sleeker more business casual look. Then to spice it up a little we added some Double U Frenk Jewelry and a Brixton Castor Fedora. These small accessories add a complete different look to the outfit Terry originally put together." - Zach

My biggest surprise was the reaction that I received from everyone that was in the store that day because of one particular outfit, one with a hat. I don’t normally wear hats and yet this one worked.

During this whole style consult, off to the side and in the background, was Kyle taking photos of this whole process. Zach put together several different styles for me to try out. We started out using only the pieces I brought with me and then starting blending my stuff with merchandise from the store. Remembering to keep an open mind, I went for whatever Zach gave me to try on.

"We then decided to do something a little more business-esque. Here Terry brought in a French cuff shirt which we showcased the Gold Airplane Cuffs.

Lastly we really just wanted to show Terry’s everyday wear. He brought in some vintage tees and we decided to tuck one into his denim to give a fun look that shows some of his passions. He let his necklace hang outside the shirt to show another aspect of what he loves in making jewelry. Lastly to show a little more of his artistic ability, we threw on the Keith Haring X Herschel Supply Parka that really screams his throwback 90s style and his artistic passion." - Zach

And again, Kyle was shooting pics the whole time. Once we had an outfit complete, Kyle led me outside to get some action shots and some interesting background shots. Check out the photos and let me know what you think!

"The most important part of the dating profile photos were to capture Terry feeling good. With Zach and Olivia's expertise he looks and feels awesome and my part of the journey was to demonstrate that for him and anyone else he wants to show himself off to." - Kyle

Lastly, I want to thank Olivia, Zach, and Kyle for such a great experience. It truly was a lot of fun and totally worth it!

- Terry Tomsha

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  • Great idea and very cool story.

  • Great story!

    Sounds like a really fun experience :)

    Steve Boyd

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