Barber Lookbook 2017: Thoughts From The Team

Upon completing our second barber lookbook, I sought to gather feedback from the barber team on the process of making the book as well as more insight into their life behind the chair. Here are the words of our barbers Jose (main organizer of the book), Olivia, Johnathan (Head of Barber Services) and our newest part-time barber, Mami.

1. What is your favorite part about the lookbook process?

Jose: My favorite part about the lookbook process was being able to take charge and make [a project] happen.  Being able to work alongside not only our team but our clients was a great experience. 

Olivia: Definitely asking our clients to collaborate with us.

Johnathan: The preparation of the final product and seeing everything come to fruition.

2. What is your favorite cut in the book and why?

Jose: My favorite cut in the look book was Ben's bald fade. The pictures capture some of my best blends.

Olivia: Ariana's Lotus design because she thinks every cut that I do is awesome.

Johnathan: John's slick back, because salt & peppered hair is hard to blend and it was a nice balance of clippers and shears.

3. What is your favorite style of cut to do?

Jose: My favorite style of haircut is a Gentleman's Cut/Combover, because it allows me to do an old school cut while incorporating new school techniques.

Olivia: I enjoy the challenge of any cut but I like doing scissor cuts the most.

Johnathan: Old school pompadour.

Mami: My favorite style of cut is the one that makes my client satisfied. As a barber, that's the ultimate feeling.

4.What would you like to improve on or learn more about?

Jose: I want to improve my ability to cut long hair.

Olivia: I love learning new techniques for cutting and styling hair of different textures.

Johnathan: I want to improve on my ability to manage on a larger scale, and make my fades pop a little bit more.

Mami: I want to improve on my hair designs and shave designs.

5. What is the best part about being a barber?

Jose: The best part about being a barber is being able to empower my clients, boosting their confidence and putting a smile on their face. 

Olivia: I love the look and reaction clients make when they get a great haircut and styling. I enjoy making a difference in their day.

Johnathan: The freedom of being able to work around the world.

MamiMy favorite part about being a barber is that I never stop learning, and there is always something new happening. 

Stop by the shop to see the 2017 lookbook, or visit to book a cut, consultation or headshot.


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