A Journey of True Grit

The community that we build here at Spruce is just as important as the quality of products and services that we provide. So it was crucial when a client named Jacob came in the shop for a haircut and beard trim. Upon checking out, one of our barbers noticed his email @truegrit.co. Hearing the name True Grit before, he began asking questions about the brand and what they do. Jacob confessed that they produce grooming products for men -- from beard oils to bar soaps to beard balms -- and that he is based and manufactures locally in Colorado. After long chats about ingredients, process, and brand vision, those of us at Spruce wanted to know more.

What makes True Grit different?

It was early on that we realized True Grit was different from the other men's grooming products out there. As a small company (like us), it's of the utmost importance that they produce quality products and let them speak for themselves. In addition, Jacob made it very clear to us that True Grit products were produced with all natural ingredients in a commercial lab with the highest standards for mixing, molding, and distilling.

On the computer screen: A label and its all-natural ingredients behind a True Grit shave soap


The Lab

Not long after our first introduction to True Grit, Jacob offered to take us on a tour of the offices and lab based in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. We met with him and his fiancé Lisa in a large meeting room and discussed a possible partnership; we smelled products, checked out labels, and eventually asked to see the rest of the operation.


So they took us through the massive warehouse where they store, print, bottle, and mix the products of True Grit.

Aside from being a unique experience for us all, it was amazing to see the giant vats of "Beard Oil Base" and all the raw ingredients that go into the oils and bars that they produce.


Oh, and the beard nets and shoe booties weren't too bad either. 


First Friday

After visiting the lab, we made plans to feature True Grit as one of the makers for our November First Friday Art Walk here on Tennyson Street. There we witnessed that we weren't the only ones interested in an all-natural men's grooming line.


People flocked from the street to chat, smell, and test the True Grit products right outside of Spruce.


If it wasn't for the PEOPLE behind the brand, the barbers in our shop, and the relationships we have with our clients, we would have never been able to discover the gem that is True Grit or the amazing individuals behind it (Jacob and Lisa).


In The Shop

We now carry the True Grit Beard Oil line, consisting of the scents black gold, wood charm, orchard crisp, pine breeze, and classic unscented. Along with these, we also decided to carry a few of the True Grit Soap Bars: The Outlaw, The Hatchet, The Sunny Daze, and the Pirate's Rum. 


Ask a barber to apply some True Grit beard oil after a trim, or at least smell the soap bars the next time you're in. (My personal favorite is The Outlaw Bar with tea tree and peppermint oil included. It makes for the perfect face wash for when I wake up and when I go to bed. My skin has cleared up immensely, and I don't have to juggle multiple products for clearer skin. Now I just pick up a bar at the shop.)

Respect your beard, for it is an extension of yourself.


For more True Grit: www.truegrit.co

To book a cut or shop online, click here.


Kyle Panis

Head of Content Creation


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  • Awesome write-up Kyle! I can say it because I genuinely mean it…I love you guys at Spruce!


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