A Guide to Winter Layering

Trying to stay stylish through winter can be the biggest test of your style and taste. It's easy to just throw a huge jacket and some sweats on but it’s not easy to be stylish and warm together -- that's where layering different garments really comes into effect.

By adding layers into your wardrobe you’ll give your outfit more depth, which will make any outfit more interesting. Layering all starts with a solid base-- something that's simple will allow the most important pieces to really shine.

Below are two completely different looks that use layering to create a complex outfit that’ll keep you extra warm during the winter months.

This is an everyday outfit that's super versatile because each layer can be changed in many ways but you still get the same look from it. Here we start with an Alternative Apparel Eco-blend Tee in Grey. This shirt is the perfect example of a great base layer that is super soft and easy to wear.

This eco-blend v-neck is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, making it one of the softest shirts on the skin!

Next we have the 7Diamonds “Beyond Me” button down. This next layer is worn unbuttoned so that you can still see your bottom layer and to give a more dimensional look. However, this button down really complements the simple grey base layer because it has much more going on but isn’t too far from the base color.

This button-down features a full washed-blue denim look with pearl-snap buttons that really add a nice touch to the shirt. This is perfect mid-layer at anytime of the year and can be paired with endless choices.

One of the most important pieces is the top layer, as that’ll be what everyone sees most of and should really complete the outfit. Here we added the 7Diamonds Essen Jacket, which is a modernized bomber silhouette. However, this isn’t your standard bomber; its quilting pattern all over gives a much nicer look compared to just plain nylon. And don’t forget to look on the inside -- it offers an awesome plaid lining throughout. This jacket really brings the whole outfit back in and shows 3 different top layers that all complement each other.

As for the rest of the outfit, we wanted to keep it pretty simple since we want the top half to be what shines. So we paired it with the Ezekiel 305 Chopper Denim in a dark vintage wash that fits nicely throughout the whole color scheme.

To finish it off, we then added a pair of Vintage Foundry 1969 Paratrooper boots in tan/cognac which adds a nice pop of color. A strong pair of boots is always a must-have during winter. They also coordinate perfectly with a pair of KOMONO Francis sunglasses in tortoise which are great for everyday wear.

This next outfit is one that can be broken out on a night even when it's bitter cold. Layering several different long-sleeve garments will keep you toasty no matter the outside temperature. That's exactly what this outfit represents.

Similar to the last outfit, we started with an Alternative basic eco-blend tee, but that's going to be hidden under our Original Penguin Core Oxford Shirt in a light wash maroon.

This is a great slim-fit option for anyone who doesn’t like a standard button-down. We had the shirt tucked into a pair of Original Penguin P-55 Chinos,  which are a comfortable alternative to any dress pant.
On top of the button-down, we add an Original Penguin Pull-Over Shawl Sweater. This sweater is made from 100% lambswool so it's great piece to throw on top of any shirt to give you some extra warmth.

This sweater can sit just below your hips so it’ll show under any jacket as well.

With this outfit we wanted to add a completely different aspect that would really take people by surprise. We chose to add the Mauritius Biko Leather Jacket with the inner lining removed.

This gives you a great classic moto silhouette which, on top of such conservative pieces, will make you stand out in any crowd. This lambskin leather jacket will be an instant conversation starter at any party and is a super fun take on a piece that can replace your standard blazer.

To tie the leather jacket in just a little more, we added a pair of CLAE Strayhorn Leather mid-top shoes in black which is always a great alternative to a stiff dress shoe.

Keep in mind that while these outfits may look completely different, they both give you a very similar complex layered look. By finding pieces that work together, you can keep your style throughout any season no matter the conditions.

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out-- we're in this together!

Zach Schulman

Assistant Head of Retail

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