Spruce Fits 3 & 4

Our 3rd Fit in Spruce Fits is one of my personal favorites. Now that the summer is making its way outta here, wedding season is fully upon us. No matter the wedding, it always calls for you to dress up a little. Our first fit is a perfect alternative for any wedding you may be attending.

Your first thought probably is that this isn't an outfit for a wedding but it definitely can be. While wearing a suit is the standard, it can be somewhat boring at times.  This outfit is a way to stand out from the crowd and rock something a little different.

  • The overall cool color scheme keeps the outfit subtle but the addition of Lightning bolt print on the 7Diamonds Lightning Strikes shirt($89) helps add a needed flare.
  • Suspenders are SO much fun to throw into your wardrobe. The TieBar Grosgrain Suspenders($25) in black are a great starter pair for anyone who's not super comfortable in them. They will always add an elevated look to your fit and add a nice finishing touch with the simple black and silver accents. 

This may be a great alternative for a wedding but it's also a great outfit for any night out when you want to look extra dapper. I guarantee you will get a few comments and definitely attract some extra eyes checking you out.

Our 4th fit for Spruce Fits is a PERFECT fit for up-coming fall which is approaching faster than usual. It takes some cooler blues from summer and incorporates them with the earthy tones that are meant for Fall.

  • To finish the outfit off I added a pair of Benny Gold Leopard Socks($10). These socks are definitely the brightest part of the outfit. They add a little more depth but are mainly just a super fun aspect. I threw in the Braylon Leather sneakers($80) as well because the subtle bits of navy and the gum sole continue to tie all the colors back in. Also being a full leather sneaker is perfect for any occasion in Fall.

No matter the scenario, this fit is the epitome of what a Fall outfit could consist of. Each piece plays nicely back into the rest and creates a great looking outfit for any Fall occasion. 

For any clothing questions, please Book a Style Consultation or Stop by the shop!

Keep an eye out for Spruce fits 5&6 Coming soon!





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