Warming Up the Wardrobe

Two of the best times of year are the transition from Summer to Fall, and from Winter to Spring. The variance in temperature, weather and endless outdoor activities allow for a wide range of outfits day in and day out. Layering is key for those typical CO days where it's not amiss to see sun, wind, rain, and even snow from morning to night. More than layering, though, my favorite aspect of dressing for seasonal changes is the change in key colors. While we tend to see colors changing to more drab and boring in winter, the change from Winter to Spring brings about the opposite with the reemergence of bright neon and pastel colors.  It's crucial to balance the layers and colors of your outfit and your intended style or activity when getting dressed so you don't look like you're going to an 80's theme party, or a goth vampire holding on to dark winter days.

Check out some ideas for how to drape up and drip out as we slide into Spring with the zesty and sophisticated Springtime Funk, the easy and nostalgic Glory Daze, and the primeval but versatile Lord of Denver Town.

Springtime Funk

I truly loved this entire outfit after wearing it for the shoot. The ensemble made me feel like I had walked off my yacht for happy hour drinks or an early dinner and shopping on land and since I've never even been on a yacht, you know I was feeling boujee. The comfortable balance between casual and formal and the combination of colors is what makes this outfit work.

Starting with a base of Neo Blue 105 Light Gray Denim on the legs tells you right off the bat that this is not an office space outfit, but the denim is clean enough we can definitely still put together a more elevated and sophisticated style. The pants are definitely a skinny fit but their flexibility will have you feeling like you have the freedom of a slim cut. A pair of navy Original Penguin Charles Loafers on the feet throw a darker hue on the tone of the pants and a  twice rolled cuff on the ankles shows off the true quality of the loafers.

The pink/salmon Original Penguin Samba Button-Down shirt brings back the formality and adds a splash of brighter color.  Not only the color but the cut of this button-down allows a slimmer and sophisticated look up top. Finally, the Original Penguin Dark Sapphire Bomber  has you covered from warm afternoon into chilly evening. It's a perfect balance between casual and formal and ties in perfectly with the loafers. Opening the jacket shows off the patterned lining, a small detail that adds a big statement of contrast and flare.

Glory Daze

No matter the event, the beginning of Spring seems to bring about a feeling of exuberant nostalgia every year. I always think back to Spring Break from my high school career where school, sports, and chasing girls were my top and only priorities. Those were the glory days, and the spirit of this outfit is personified in the daze that sentiment invokes.

The Original Penguin P55 Slim Stretch Chinos have a clean, slim cut that allows for some breathing room but is far from baggy and adds length to the legs. The combination of brown and blue will always be the option I take when I have it, so the navy Original Penguin Braylon Leather sneakers looked perfect under the pant. Notice the pant hem comes to rest perfectly on the sneaker- it doesn't break on the tongue or wade high-waters above it, this is exactly how you want your chinos to fit. 

The light-weight, short-sleeve Original Penguin button-down shirt is extremely comfy, cool and soft against the skin. The color blocked  stripes give the shirt some pop but nothing over the top or out of place, and they are a cohesive blend with the tan chinos. At first glance the dark navy of the sneakers seems to clash with the green in the shirt, but take a second glance, imagine the pants and shoes being the next stripes of the shirt, and they make perfect sense.

The khaki Primitive Pennant Knockout Dad Hat complements the pants and shoe colors and keeps the mode basic, but also adds a high level of trendiness and demonstrates your street-style awareness.

Lord of D-Town

When the snow has melted and the sun is out, people leave the warmth and hibernation of their homes ready to get outdoors and enjoy their hobby of choice. Most Colorado activities don't really call for super fashion forward or trendy ensembles, but even the most basic outfit can and should be thought out.

A simple black-and-white striped Departure Tank by Astronomy is a cool and easy way to start. If you don't like or are uncomfortable wearing a tank, throw a short-sleeve Havana Button-Down by Benny Gold over the tank, which you can keep unbuttoned to keep max relaxation status or button up to look more like a respectable member of the community in public. 

The black NeoBlue Shredded Skinny Denim is rugged enough to skate in without losing your style. The denim matches the black stripes of the tank, and the level of distress is high, so remember to be mindful of your toes when putting the pants on.

White Original Penguin Braylon Leather sneakers with gum soles are a solid fit, whether wearing the tank by itself, the button-down open or the buttons done all the way up, they play nice into any summer outfit.

Adding the white and gold Primitive Core Logo Trucker mesh snap back hat pulls the shoes and the tank together.  The mesh makes the lid similar to a trucker hat but the new school design keeps it fresh.



 Conor Drake-Lavelle 

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