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Going out in the city can make finding an outfit to wear pretty difficult. You never know if you need to get really dressy and throw your sharpest suit on or call it a casual night and just rock a tee-shirt and slacks with maybe a blazer on top. This look is an easy yet elegant way to dress classy without wearing a full suit and having a tie strangle you the whole night.  

Let’s start our way from the bottom. To break the stereotypical same color top and bottom look that you get from a suit, I chose a neutral khaki-colored chino. The reason i chose this pant is because it allows me many different directions I can take the rest of the outfit. With a neutral base, you can have more options in expressing who you are through your shirt, shoes, blazer and other underlying accessories!

I chose this shirt for a few reasons. First off, the small accents on the shirt (blue and tan diamond pattern) would be an easy way to help choose the colors of the following pieces to make the pattern more prominent. If you have too many colors present, your eye will never be able to figure out the story behind the outfit. By going with subtle color choices, it allows you to have a clean and detailed outfit that will make heads turn.


We finished the outfit with a beautiful polka dot blazer from Color Siete. It elevates the outfit and helps tie it all together. The full-on navy color brings out the small accents in the diamond pattern of the shirt, and the white button-down brings out the white polka-dots on the blazer. They contrast perfectly together and add plenty of visual depth to the overall outfit.

Even though the outfit may consist of only a few pieces, that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with your accessories. A fun yet sophisticated lapel pin helps to add some shine to the outfit as well as provides another area to which people’s eyes to be drawn. Accents like a lapel pin, rings, bracelets or even a necklace can really give your outfit a classy edge for a night on the town.

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out-- we're in this together! 

Zach Schulman

Assistant Head of Retail


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  • Jayme Silvestri
    Love this outfit – looks so comfy. Your hair looks great, even with the wind blowing!

    Jayme Silvestri

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