Embracing the Last of the Summer Vibes

Summer is typically hot, right? So you ask: Why wear 2 shirts and make it that much hotter on yourself? There’s actually a good reason behind this. Having the button-down not only allows me to elevate the outfit for a formal event by buttoning it up completely, but it also gives me the ability to wear it casually unbuttoned and flowing to make it really catch the breeze during summer. Having the shirt completely unbuttoned also allows you to add contrast or highlight other parts of the outfit by wearing a color that falls on another piece you have on.

Like in this one, the red/maroon tank brings out the pink, red and maroon in the plaid shirt that’s being worn on top. This way you don’t have to worry too much about the rest of the outfit, as you have now created a solid base that is pretty easy to style with everything else around.

So, why did I choose to wear these certain pieces together? We can break down each piece of the outfit so you can see why it all works together. Let’s start off from the top; the Brixton Castor fedora is a lightweight straw-based fedora with a maroon satin lining. Whether it’s a wide brim or small stout fedora, a straw-based hat is a summer staple that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe.

When it comes to sunglasses, you’ll always have those styles that go with everything and never die like the aviators, wayfarers and now even the Lennon shades. These Benny Gold Valencias are a take on the Wayfarer style; they rock a clear yet smokey color with a nice dark lens to contrast.

When it comes down to shorts or pants in the summer, everyone has their own opinion on what they like. But I’m here to tell you that those cargo shorts you’ve been hanging onto for the past few years need to be thrown away! The shorts world has been modernized and those cargos are not part of it. There are so many styles of shorts that have been re-invented throughout the years. Take a look at the pair I have on; they look like I took a pair of jeans I’ve had for a bit and just sliced the legs off at the knee. Well, these shorts were designed that way--they are meant to look like cut-off jeans but are much more comfortable because of the 2% Spandex Ezekiel added to the material. I picked this pair because I like the style and it helps bring the outfit together even more. It ties in the blue from the button-down and contrasts with the darker tones of my hair and skin.

And last but not least, a pair of the Clae Grizzly Tumbled Leather Ellingtons. These shoes are an elevated take on your typical Vans style. Like with the whole outfit, these shoes can be dressed up or down and are an extremely versatile low-top shoe. I chose these shoes because I like the clean silhouette and white skate bottoms that’ll pop in summer. They are a simple but elegant shoe. I picked the Grizzly color-way because it was a nice way to tie the earth tones from the straw hat back into the outfit.

This look was inspired by your stereotypical summer day--you need a comfortable yet versatile outfit for any occasion that your day may have ahead for you. You never know if you are going to spend the day just chilling out on the beach, or maybe you’ll end up going out to have a few drinks. To the untrained eye this outfit may seem too dynamic, but if you break down each piece you’ll be see how it all fits together. If you ever have any questions on your outfit or feel like parts of it are just random, break every piece down and find the ways they work together.

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out--we're in this together! 

Zach Schulman

Assistant Head of Retail


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