New for Fall: Rapti Cashmere Scarves

The easiest way to freshen up last year’s winter wardrobe is to layer on a new scarf. Typically less expensive than coats, boots, or sweaters, scarves are a budget-friendly way to add versatile and functional pieces to your closet.

Scarves don’t just add warmth but also sophistication and polish to any outfit. They can be worn over or under a coat collar, or even indoors as part of your ensemble (well, the lighter-weight ones, anyway). And since they hug your neck, they are what people will notice first when talking to you.

For the 2016 Fall and Holiday season at Spruce, we’ve brought in 100% cashmere scarves from Nepalese designer Rapti. Super soft and super warm, cashmere is made from the molted undercoat wool of a goat. These fibers are less coarse than a goat's top coat and are usually combed to increase their softness. Sometimes the production process and scarcity can increase the cost of cashmere apparel, but our scarves are just $24. They’re available in a variety of colors, weaves, and patterns that are sure to mix and match well with your existing winter wardrobe (and your spring wardrobe as well).

Not sure how to choose the right scarf? Book a free consultation with one of our experts here.
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