Early Spring Virtual Lookbook

As we get closer to Spring, it's time to put those heavy parkas away and break out some of your spring favorites! Whether that includes some pastel shorts, fun button-downs or even wacky bright-colored pieces, it's time to figure out what needs to be added this year to stay looking your best. These three outfits would make great additions to your wardrobe in preparation for Spring. 


The Cozy Traveler:

This outfit is a super easy and cozy fit for a relaxed day around the house, traveling to the mountains, or even a lazy Sunday full of errands. It starts with an up-scale pair of sweats (yes, it's possible to have a nicer pair of sweats!). These are the Primitive A-Frame fleece sweats which are a heavy weight cotton that really shows their higher quality.

They also feature zipper pockets and slight taper/synch at the ankles, which make them a little slimmer on the leg.

On top we featured two layered pieces from Alternative Apparel. The base is a Keeper Vintage Long-sleeve tee, and on top we have the Champ Printed Eco-Fleece. By layering these two, not only do you stay extremely warm, but you also get a fun modern look.

To finish off the look, we have the all black leather CLAE Strayhorn shoe. The full leather upper changes a dull winter boot into an awesome sneaker boot style. 


Biz Casual Update:

Creating an outfit that transitions from work to play can sometimes be tricky... No one wants to stay in a suit all day at work and then still be in one all night out with some friends.

That's why having more business casual outfits can come in clutch. You get a very nice, elevated look without being stuck in a basic suit all night. Here we started with the 7Diamonds If I Could Fly button-down. It has a nice slim fit to it, which shows off your true features. We paired that shirt with a black and white Houndstooth tie from Knotty Ties, which plays a great contrast off the simpler button-down.

To keep that tie in place and add some flare, we added a Lord and Lady Bullet Tie Clip in gold. This tie clip is a great conversation starter and another great feature that can be added to many styles. We then added a pair of P55 Chinos from Original Penguin, which are a darker khaki color and have more of a taper down the leg. These pants continue with the slimmer look you get with the button-down. To finish it off, we added a pair of KOMONO Francis Sunglasses in black/ivory. These sunglasses are a great everyday pair that offer a timeless look and great fit for any outfit. 


The Highline:

When it comes down to having a fun yet still classy outfit, it can be difficult to find a nice medium between them. This outfit is a great representation of that, because wearing a button-down gives you that elevated aspect, but rocking it unbuttoned allows you to have more fun with it and even layer something fun under it.

The 7Diamonds All-in-one button down is the perfect addition for any Spring wardrobe. Its main color scheme is warm and works perfectly with the season. Also, the touches of cooler color contrast perfectly against it. We layered a long-sleeve Alternative Apparel Keeper Tee in black, which will keep you extra warm but also add depth to the outfit. Another addition was the Ezekiel Chopper denim, which gives you a slimmer cut on the leg and a darker vintage wash that plays nicely with the cooler colors in the shirt.

To finish off the look, we paired the CLAE Strayhorn SP shoes in the Latte Leather color way. This shoe is a great complement to the shirt. The lighter tones in the shoe play great to the lighter tans that are the main staple in the button-down. By adding these shoes to the outfit, you are visibly able to see how every piece flows and works well together.


These outfits are a great representation of how your wardrobe can start getting ready for the upcoming Spring season and are even versatile enough for any guy to add them to their wardrobe without jumping too far out of their comfort zone. Whether it's these exact pieces or interchangeable ones, being able to add these styles is a great way to expand your style. 


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Zach Schulman

Assistant Head of Retail

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