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We know that for guys who are either too busy or just not into fashion, putting outfits together can be a tedious project. That's why if you have visited Spruce lately, you will notice that we have merchandised the store around five featured looks.

The outfits span across multiple styles and can be utilized in many different occasions. Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for someone to walk in and easily reinvent their appearance. And now you can feel the in-store experience online and have outfits shipped right to your door with Spruce E-Commerce.


It starts with the Modern Militant:

This outfit is heavily influenced by streetwear, putting our 7DIAMONDS Essen Bomber jacket on top of the Benny Gold Script Hoodie. This look gives you the ability to see each piece adventure through winter and still look stylish. A longer hoodie under a naturally short-cut bomber will give you the layering look that is very popular right now. Combining the top with the nicely tapered Ezekiel Vintage Denim jeans on the bottom helps to slim your lower half out, then slightly tucking the hem of the pants into the Vintage Foundry Paratrooper boot allows you to see all the attributes of the boots. The accessories used in the outfit are great ways to make certain colors pop. The tan in the band of the Komono Winston Blue Cognac watch plays back into the boots just like the Komono Francis Sunglasses play back into the color of the hoodie. By tying those colors back in, you create an even more well-rounded outfit.

Scottie Meets America:

This outfit is based around how accessories can be the story that your outfit tells. Overall a very simple outfit, it features an Alternative Apparel Eco-Basic tee and another pair of Ezekiel Chopper Denim jeans to create an everyday outfit. However, that doesn’t tell you anything about the outfit-- the accessories do that. The Brixton Barrel Snap-Cap automatically makes it more interesting with the 'newsboy' style of hat that is being seen more and more lately. This paired with a Lord and Lady Shotgun Necklace is an automatic conversation starter as they are pieces that aren’t seen everyday, giving you a uniqueness and motivating people to learn more about them. A nice watch is always a staple to an outfit, especially if you have a full metal one that's a little more flashy than a watch with a leather band. To finish it off, a nice pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. The CLAE Stayhorn SP in the Latte Leather colorway is a shoe that can be worn at any time of the year with almost anything. The subtle tan upper will go with pretty much anything, and, being a mid top, it will give you an even more elevated look.


The Forester is heavily based off getting form and function out of your clothes, incorporating a fleece-lined Alternative Apparel Pullover that can be layered or worn by itself. The pullover is paired up with the Original Penguin P-55 Chinos, which have 2% spandex in them that give you an additional stretch and comfort. Then you get down to the Vintage Foundry Paratrooper Boot once again, this time in a black and olive colorway that helps tie the green from the pullover deeper into the outfit. A Rapti 100% cashmere, plaid scarf keeps the earthy tones throughout the whole outfit and will also keep you super warm throughout all winter months. During winter in Denver, you have to make sure you have a fun beanie to work into your outfits; thats why we’ve picked the Benny Gold Pom Beanie. It's not only is a great looking hat, but also crazy warm and the pom on top makes it more fun than your typical beanie.

Biz Casual:

If you like to dress up but suits aren’t your thing, this is an outfit for you. The 7DIAMONDS Sail On button-down has a nice slim cut to it that’ll give you a form fitting look. The Ezekiel Chopper Denim jeans once again give you that tapered fit so you keep the slim look throughout the whole outfit. This is essential as you don’t want to combine a very form-fitting shirt with baggy pants, disrupting the outfit completely. The CLAE Ellington shoes in the Grizzly Tumbled Leather give a little pop to your feet. These are a great alternative to any dress shoe, especially when you aren’t trying to get too formal. The Stellar Jay Suede Tie is a piece many people will have never seen. It's an immediate conversation starter and an awesome way to tie in the colors of your shoes and belt. With shoes, tie, and belt all being a similar tan hue, you’ll get some seriously awesome matching compliments. Throw a blazer on and you're immediately ready for any occasion (and not in your typical monkey suit).

Urban Cowboy:

This outfit was influenced by Colorado itself, a state infused with southwestern culture and cowboy-esque clothing everywhere. This outfit updates and modernizes that style. Starting from the top, the Brixton Field Hat is the perfect updated version of a cowboy hat. Made from felt, it’ll shape to your head very well and keep you looking stylish no matter where you are. The 7DIAMONDS Beyond Me button-down is a new version of a denim shirt. With a washed chambray print you get a real aged denim look but without the ridiculous weight of actual denim. The Original Penguin P-55 Chinos once again give you a very nice skinny look but the 2% spandex in them gives you the ability to do whatever you’d like in them. Last but definitely not least, the Black on Black CLAE Strayhorn shoe is a great simple way to get rid of your old heavy boots. The full leather upper gives them great durability and much more comfort than a full-on boot. I don’t recommend going bull riding in this outfit, but you would definitely look good doing it.

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Need a hand trying on outfits and getting honest feedback? Book an appointment with a Spruce style consultant.

Zach Schulman

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