Dressing for TEDxMile High

As a style consultant, what’s more important than helping someone choose clothing for a big event they have coming up? When that person is your husband who will be speaking about your men’s boutique at TEDxMile High to a sold-out opera house of 2,500 people.

As CEO of Spruce and speaker at TEDx, Taylor Romero wanted to be “comfortable but dressy.” Since the best way to elevate a casual look is to layer a blazer over it, my first thought was to grab the Color Siete Pin Dot Blazer and reverse-engineer an outfit from there.

The next big problem to solve was the pants. While khaki chinos seemed like an obvious answer, I also felt it was a bit preppier than Taylor’s personality. For anyone that knows him personally, Taylor considers jeans to be formalwear. So black Ezekiel jeans were an easy way for Taylor to stay comfortable but create the appearance of being more dressed-up. From the opera house floor, black jeans look just like dress slacks.

Now that I had the core pieces selected, I needed the right shirt (or in this case, tank top) to tie them together. Again, comfort is key. Under the hot lights of the stage (and the nervous pressure of performing), Taylor was guaranteed to sweat a little. A lightweight Alternative Apparel tank top was a natural choice to make. The white made his upper-half pop against the dark colors of the blazer and pants, but the dark blue stripes tied it back into the blazer.

As for shoes, I had a lot of options to play with. Black sneakers would be an easy and comfortable solution, but not very much fun. After all, Taylor has a big personality and I wanted to let that shine through his apparel. The Clae Ellington leather shoes in their Grizzly color provided subtle contrast against the dark pants but were more formal than going too casual with canvas street sneakers.

No look is ever truly complete without a crisp haircut and beard trim, so Spruce barber Jose Davila provided those services the day before the big event. Don’t forget the pomade and beard oil!

With this look, Taylor was able to stay cool and comfortable on stage and focus on nailing his performance, rather than wondering about his appearance.

Watch Taylor’s TEDxMile High video here.

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