Winter Street Style: EGTC Barber School Edition

An Atmosphere of Clean Cut Attire

Although it took longer than usual to happen, winter has officially hit Denver. With it comes a fresh variety of styles and outfits -- guys tend to break out new layers and add on top of their fall gear. Nowhere is this range of trends more apparent than amongst the barber students at Emily Griffith Technical College. These students come from completely different backgrounds, but they all share a competitive spirit to clean up and dress to impress every day. Their four individual outfits show unique approaches to threading up on a winter day in Denver. I'm here to take you through each look and give some suggestions on how to recreate them using items found at Spruce.

Comfortable Collab

Starting on the left of the picture, David (@mynewgangfever) keeps comfortable with a pair of faded jeans tucked into Timberland Boots, a slightly oversized, loose fitting turtleneck sweater, and a ball cap flipped backwards. This outfit stands out to me because of the color and style combinations. While the pants, boots, and cap all shout street casual, the sweater adds a level of formality. The light tone of the blue jeans is complemented perfectly by the light tan Tims. Then the sweater stands out again in a light grey tone that matches up with the denim but clashes perfectly with the boots. What you don't see under the cap is David's haircut, with bleached tips braided up on top and design work taking up the side. The collaboration between all the aspects of this comfortable look: Crispy.

Spruce suggestions to recreate David's look:

Original Penguin Pull Over Shawl Sweater, $98
Vintage Foundry Paratrooper Boots, $140 
Benny Gold Gold Standard Raw Denim, $100

Easy Street

Next to David, Jovan achieves a classic urban mode by layering a black vest over a grey and black striped crew neck sweater with some pretty distressed and holed out denim pants, black Air Force 1s on his feet, and a black, backwards ball cap. The outfit works because it is simple and consistent from head to toe -- mostly dark color tones but with nice contrast created between the layers and fabrics. Like David, Jovan also has the top of his head bleached under his hat.  Key Details.  

Spruce Suggestions to recreate the look:

Primitive Heavy Stripe Sweater, $50
Ezekiel Chopper Denim Jeans, $69
Clae Strayhorn Leather in Black, $120

Fan Boy

You can't look at Denver street styles without looking at some Broncos gear. Denver native David Lee is easily the biggest fan I know and proves it with team gear from head to toe. A blue and orange fitted team hat and top with matching shoes, the outfit is not complicated but gets the job done, showing fierce pride for his hometown team. Fan gear is a staple for any city with professional sports teams, and an essential aspect of urban fashion statement.

Spruce Suggestions to recreate the look:
Visit Broncos team store

The Minimalist

Next to the loud orange and blue colors of fan boy, Danny Lee (@_dannyylee) takes a more quiet, minimalist approach to his statement.  His black bomber jacket fits snugly and matches up with his black sneakers, and the grey tee and somewhat drab, off-white moto joggers are unassuming yet trendy.  To top it off, Danny Lee is the third out of four with the top of his head bleached. Inconspicuous. 

Spruce Suggestions to Recreate the Look:


7DIAMONDS Essen Bomber Jacket, $125

Alternative Apparel Basic Eco T-Shirt, $28

Keep it Simple

These four very different outfits share an underlying similarity: simplicity.  None of the guys appear to have gone to tons of trouble putting it together, they all look comfortable without any crazy statement pieces, the different pieces of their ensembles flow together, and you can recreate each outfit without breaking the bank.  Also, bleached is back; tell a friend!

Follow the quest of Denver Street Style on Instagram @sprucemen!

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Style Consultant

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