Denver Street Style: Tennyson/Berkeley/LoHi

That Distressed Denim Though...

While Denver follows its own rules when it comes to sartorialism, it comes as no surprise that distressed denim is the name of the game for the street styles of the Berkeley and LoHi neighborhoods. Faded and ripped jeans is one of the few trends that remains constant season after season and year after year in the ever-changing and evolving world of fashion.


Keepin' it Spruce

What better place to start my neighborhood quest than right here at home, Spruce, Denver's one-stop-shop for men's lifestyle options?  Style consultant Zach (@zachschulman) and barber Jose showed up for work in outfits that couldn't have been more different, yet similar, with their base of distressed denim.  Zach killed the skinny black jeans with obvious blown out knees and faded pockets, while Jose rocked faded blue jeans with rips and tears from waist to ankle.  Both presented a used and worn style while remaining clean and comfortable.  To top off the look, they both threw on black bomber jackets fitted to allow their extended length tees to be seen bleeding out underneath. Finishing off their outfits, Jose wore Celtic Jordan 1's with matching Mitchell & Ness snapback and Zach wore tan Chelsea boots and Ray-Bans. The difference between Jose's urban mode and Zach's more European style is clear, but the basics of both are the same.  Def.


LoHi Homies

On 32nd Street in LoHi, a couple dudes heading home with dinner stood out from the rest of the Thursday evening socialites.  Chillin' on the right, you see black denim similar to Zach's but with less obvious knee cap holes, matched up with the black and white Nikes, Hollister hoodie, and palm tree fitted cap.  Notice how his light hoodie has a grey streak texture that gives the same worn out appearance as the pants, and he throws in the grey bead bracelet with just one black bead to tie it together -- the outfit flows.  Homie on the left pulls out the elevated casual look with grey chinos, a chambray pink/red Volcom button down, and high top cool grey Jordan 1's.  Tuck in the shirt, put on a tie, and switch the J's out with a pair of tan wingtips, and he could've been on the office grind two hours earlier.  Clean.


The Banter Barber Boys

Jumping back up to 52nd and Tennyson, we see the ever-fresh fam at Banter Barber (@banterbarber) continuing the distressed denim trend.  Both Eddie (@fcukin_eddie) and Josiah (@josiahthebarber) were cutting hair in ripped pants with pleated-knees. Eddie is in army green legs and a black-and-white Diamond tee matched up with the black-and-white "'03 Chucks from high school." Josiah is in light indigo jeans with a vintage Led Zeppelin tee.  Slayin. 











Just the Beginning

With Berkeley and LoHi being the very first of several Denver neighborhoods for me to explore, I was impressed with how many of the key trends I was looking for that I spotted: distressed denim, bomber jackets, army green colors, elevated casual style, extended length tees, and jewelry.  I am stoked to continue my quest to prove that Denver street style is on par with that of every major city in the country.

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