5 Essential Accessories You Need for Fall

With fall already upon us, you best be ready for that quick weather change. With the leaves changing and it getting cooler out, your whole wardrobe should start transitioning. Start thinking about layering, incorporating your tan colors, and finding which colors are popular for this season. For example, dark, earthy tones are the ones to be on the lookout for this fall. These colors range from shades of brown to darker greens to even maroons.

Below are 5 accessories that will give you a great start toward getting ready for fall!

1) The Chukka/Sneaker Boot

The Sneaker Boot has been a fall staple for years; that standard, mid-ankle shape is great for when the weather starts to change. As it starts to get colder out, having a shoe that covers most of your ankle helps keep your feet warm.

This CLAE Strayhorn SP is great mesh of a waxed, full-grain leather upper and a modern rubber sole. Oh, and not to mention that full-leather upper is fresh and super durable, especially in the Mocha color way thats great for any fall activities. Go out and grab yourself a pair of sneaker boots to keep your feet warm and looking good all fall. 

 2) Wool Fedora

If you haven't seen these hats more and more around town, you must be hiding in the mountains cause they've been popping up more and more. These hats are a great alternative to your typical beanie that you always see in the winter. The wool that this Brixton Field hat is made out of not only will keep your head toasty, it'll also elevate your outfit.


The hat features a leather band that goes around the hat and drapes down to just above your chest. In the olive color way, the brown leather strap really pops and adds a nice accent to the hat. Also don't forget that olive/hunter green is a staple color I have picked for fall!

3) Leather/Suede Bow-Tie

We've all seen the re-emergence of bow-ties back into the fashion scene. Well, I bet you haven't seen one of these yet: a leather bow-tie. This leather bow-tie is from a local Denver vendor Stellar Jay, and this should be a must-have addition to your wardrobe this fall. Not only does the tan color play perfectly into fall, but it's something different you don't see often. All eyes will be on you, and people will have to know where it came from.

4) Classic Timeless Watch

All men have some sort of watch or watch collection; it's an everyday accessory for any dude. However, most have either a pretty nice stainless metal watch or something more functional like a G-Shock. Every man should also have a collection of fun, classic-styled watches that can be worn on a daily basis. These watches are typically pretty lightweight and have a leather/suede band. This KOMONO Winston watch in Concrete has a timeless shape to it but with a fun suede band and a bright white face to add to its beauty.

This suede band happens to have a fun print on it also, which really allows the watch to go with anything and be worn at any occasion. A piece like this should be a definite addition to your everyday wardrobe especially these upcoming months. 

5) Weather-Resistant Backpack

With the weather here in Denver changing day to day, you have to be ready for whatever gets thrown at you. A weather-resistant backpack is a huge must-have for Denver natives that know how quickly winter can approach. This Herschel Little America bag features double-layered, perforated nylon detailing and rubber straps with magnetic clip closures. These materials are perfect for any elements you may face, and since it has a padded and fleece-lined laptop sleeve, there's no need to worry about what's inside the bag. 

Don't forget the classic Herschel red and white striped lining that compliments all of their bags.

With fall pretty much upon us, don't slack on stepping up your wardrobe with these accessories! Need help? Book a clothing consultation appointment here.

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