Oh Sh**t, My Last Clean Shirt!

Down to your last clean shirt? Any button-down can be worn in many different situations. Whether it's spending the day in the office, going out on the town with your friends or just having nice relaxing day, you can do it all in a single shirt!

Hanging Out

No plans for the day, why get all dressed up on your only day off? With this look, you are ready to chill out and have fun without looking like a slob. This look consists of an Alternative Apparel Boss v-neck tee in eco grey {$28}, the Mystic Forest button-down from 7Diamonds {$109}, the Lord & Lady Co Americana necklace {$30} and the Lord & Lady Co Shotgun Shell necklace in brass {$30}. 

Meeting at the Office

This is a sophisticated and classy look fits perfectly for any meeting or day at the office. This look includes the Mystic Forest button-down from 7Diamonds {$109}, a Olive Linen tie from Lord & Lady Co {$65), a pair of Color Siete Summer Essex chinos in stone {$84}, and a pair of the Vintage Foundry Scotch Wingtip Brogue Derby shoes {$110}.

Out on the Town

Heading to the bars with some friends but don't want to feel like you're in a monkey suit? With this look, you know all eyes are going to shoot to you the second you walk in the door. This outfit includes the Mystic Forest button-down from 7Diamonds {$109}, Benny Gold Standard Raw Denim jeans {$100}, and a pair of the Vintage Foundry Paratrooper boots in Black/Olive {On sale now for $140}.

This is too much!

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